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The grand convening of 2016 annual commendation conference and the cultural activities of new year's year in 2017

Date:2018-05-08 10:51:00 From: Times:
December 29,2016 to 30,the company's employees are tug of war,chess,table tennis,poker and other cultural activities rich and colorful,and held the 2016 year on the evening of 30 commendation and the 2017 New Year's Day party culture,first by the company chairman Wu Weixiao speech,general manager of the company,Hermione Co.,assistant chairman Wu Yilin read 2016 year advanced individual,advanced collective recognition of the decision,the executive vice president of Comrade Chen Fengbao read the 2017 New Year's Day activities winners,company deputy general Yin Hongbo's position statement,group chairman Comrade Wu Weixiao congratulatory general manager,deputy general manager of the company,sales company Nie Zhendong on the sales work was summarized,and finally by the general manager of the company,financial director Comrade Wang Jinying made 2016 annual work summary report.
In summing up the general assembly in recognition of advanced individuals,in recognition of the outstanding performance in 2016 in the work of outstanding team leader,advanced workshop,advanced department,deputy general manager of the company,the total sales of Comrade Nie Zhendong in the year 2016 the market situation is grim,leading the sales team to tackle tough,product sales and brand influence the increase made outstanding contributions to the rapid development of the company.It was decided by the board of directors to grant Comrade Nie Zhendong the award for outstanding contribution.












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