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Corporate Culture

[corporate slogan]passion Dongcheng,Huayi Charm
The quality of today is the market of tomorrow
"Enterprise spirit] customer first,quality is the root,honesty,innovation seek strong
[enterprise style]responsibility,innovation,sharing,and remote
[enterprise management core]high quality,low cost,short term
The value of the company is higher than the individual value,and the social value is higher than the value of the company
[strategic]adhere to the science and technology enterprises,the implementation of powerful alliances
[standards]occupation dedication,hardworking,diligent,disciplined,obey the leadership,realistic,solidarity,loyal and trustworthy
[execution]there is no reason,no excuse,attention to the result
[the six principles of the enterprise]
(1) the principle of customer customer is our God,is the enterprise product "manual",to be absolutely respected and dedicated service,every employee to any customer must be patient,friendly,responsible,cherish,together with better service to win customers
(2) dedication principle,dedication and dedication is the essential quality of every employee.We must do one line,love one line,study hard,inspire intelligence,work hard,innovate continuously,and do better.
(3) the principles of civilization of high-quality staff is a prerequisite for the development of enterprises,as a culture and education of the civilized people,treat people with a sincere attitude to,polite language,polite behavior
(4) team principles to carry forward teamwork spirit,reach consensus,cooperate with each other,and work together to accomplish the tasks
(5) environmental protection principle.Any individual's preferences and behaviors must not be damaged at the expense of environment.All work areas should be kept clean and hygienic,and goods should be kept orderly and orderly.Bad behavior is forbidden.
(6) the principle of frugality: as for the enterprise,austerity against waste.
The objective of the enterprise is to realize the rapid and sustainable development of the enterprise.